Why Samurai

“Client satisfaction is our number one priority”

Out-sourced Programmes

Managing large, often complex, out-sourced programmes is a key part of our business. We offer customers a bespoke service, which can include one or more of the following; key knowledge of product manufacturing, bespoke web-hosting, product management, pick, pack and dispatch facilities and account management. Through an out-sourced programme, large companies are able to manage their brand control and take advantage of the volume cost savings available and ensure compliance to their ethical policies.


We work with some of the biggest brands in the world, and we pride ourselves on our ability to support their truly global reach. In 2013 we distributed to 89 countries. Our experience in managing the logistical challenges of delivering quality bespoke merchandise to clients in all corners of the globe means trusting your branded products to us is putting them in the best hands.

Web Services

Through the development of bespoke web applications we have created a turn-key solution for our clients to manage their brand merchandising. Our web services can be customised to suit the specific needs of our clients, giving them greater control and freedom with the management of their branded merchandise.

Account Management

At Samurai Promotions, client satisfaction is our number one priority and the driving force behind our successes in achieving it is our accounts team. Our account managers are resourceful and experienced, and have the creativity and industry know-how to provide our clients with brand defining bespoke merchandise. They are the pride of our business.


Don’t fancy having your entire order delivered in one go? Let us hold it for you. We have the capacity to hold pre-branded stock in our warehouses to be delivered whenever you need it. This is a cost-effective, reliable service that offers greater freedom in the delivery of your high quality bespoke merchandise. This service gives you the freedom to decide when you have your high quality bespoke merchandise delivered with the same cost-effective efficiency enjoyed with every order.


At Samurai Promotions, we specialise in supplying the drinks industry. Over the years, we have developed long standing relationships with expert factories around the globe that allows us to supply ideal quality and finish branding to our Drinks clients. We are privileged to work with some of the biggest drinks brands in the world and our reputation has been built on our ability to provide a “Total Solution” to their branding needs. At Samurai Promotions, we can supply any item to our Drinks clients allowing us to offer added value on a complete range of merchandise to a budget on branded POS.

Sector Knowledge

There is little substitute for field knowledge and the success of our account managers are testimony to that. The global brands we work with on a daily basis rely on our expertise in customised products and knowledge of factory capability with certain materials to produce the type of bespoke merchandise that will drive their business forward. Our account managers have specific understanding of materials, manufacturing and production capability relating to the Drinks industry. At Samurai Promotions, we have created processes and products never before seen in the market and have successfully aligned those with client objectives to enhance their brand identity.

Supply History

We have worked with major drinks brands for over a decade. We have maintained these global brands because we deliver a product that is ideal for their respective objectives and have the most competitive price and service.

Savings on “Total Solution”

Imagine how easy your merchandising decisions would be if you could get all your bespoke branded merchandise in the one place. At Samurai Promotions, we can do just that. Our capacity to offer our Drinks clients a ‘Total Solution’ to branded merchandising allows us to offer significant savings to our clients. We can supply the entire range of POS needed by our clients, opening up the opportunity to discount further and get maximum value from your spend.


At Samurai Promotions we offer a quality and finish to our bespoke Drinks products that set us apart from other suppliers. Our long standing relationships with our clients are born out of consistency in quality, price, service and delivery.


As corporatisation of the healthcare industry expands, the importance of brand building and promotion has become a necessity for healthcare institutions. The delivery of health care services—from primary care to secondary and tertiary levels of care—is the most visible part of any health care system, both to users and the general public. Healthcare institutions are realising the importance of developing a brand that patients and referring physicians find trustworthy; brands that convey a promise they understand and value. At Samurai Promotions, we design and manufacture specialist standard and bespoke medical promotional materials for the medical and healthcare industry. Through our unique relationships with niche suppliers, we are able to help medical institutions achieve their distinctive branding objectives in line with the professional requirements of the healthcare industry.


The medical field can be difficult to navigate, from appreciating the subtleties and values of a healthcare brand to understanding the health and safety requirements for branded merchandise. The experience of our account managers in the healthcare sector, together with our established relationships with niche suppliers, makes us the ideal promotional merchandising business to develop your healthcare brand.


The medical industry can have very demanding quality and health and safety requirements for products used in this sector. At Samurai Promotions, we guarantee that all of our branded merchandise products have been sourced from reputable suppliers, and tested to satisfy health regulations in line with our quality control accreditations.

Gift with Purchase

There are many businesses that use Gift with Purchase to enhance the value and attraction of their products to end customers. At Samurai Promotions, we are proud of the partnerships we have created in the Gift of Purchase market. A gift can be perceived as a free token from a business or a value adding item to create a perception of greater value in a purchase or business transaction. Our strength in the Gift with Purchase market lies in our ability to supply both current items, and to create bespoke products, custom made to fit a specific brief.

Account Management

On a daily basis, we are receiving requests for branded products that compliment orders of online businesses. This can often be a complex process. Our specialised account managers take our clients through the entire process; from the audience being targeted, how many products, ideas list, price range, lead time, up to the point of delivery. They are here to make adding a Gift with Purchase the easiest possible brand promotion tool for any client.

Client Satisfaction

Client satisfaction is our number one priority. We are proud to say that our client feedback on our Gift with Purchase service regularly praises us as market leaders, achieving the right product at the best market price, making their decision to add a Gift with Purchase extremely profitable.


This fast moving, exciting and constantly evolving market requires a dynamic approach to meet our client’s demands. Often overlooked is our effectiveness in managing client brand guidelines and ethical requirements, aligning these with the manufacture of custom products and packaging. At Samurai Promotions, our approach is a testament to our success in reaching global supplier status with many of our valued customers.


Financial organisations are more and more often requesting branded products that reflect the quality and return their business offers. At Samurai Promotions, the fastest growing strategic unit within our business is the financial services sector. Our ability to supply a vast amount of product allows us to connect financial institutions with the exact requirements for their respective project. Given our history of working with major global brands, the prospect of growing our relationships with financial institutions is extremely exciting.