Custom Branded Products for Huel

Making the Huel vision for a high quality, bespoke t-shirt collection to enhance customer experience a reality. Going way beyond simply adding a logo to an off the shelf garment, Samurai achieved a premium giveaway at a better quality than the leading clothing label and add value to the Huel brand.

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Huel is one of the fastest growing companies in the UK, selling over 36 million meals in over 80 countries. They provide a nutritionally complete, convenient, affordable food, with minimal impact on animals and the environment.

Huel is one of the fastest growing companies in the UK, selling over 36 million meals in over 80 countries. They provide a nutritionally complete, convenient, affordable food, with minimal impact on animals and the environment.

High quality, custom branded t-shirt solution

As the brand continues to build momentum globally with devotees passionate about the benefits of Huel, the brief was to create a bespoke t-shirt collection to replace existing off the shelf apparel solutions. Meeting a range of real world clothing requirements, Samurai created a bespoke t-shirt range in a spectrum of sizes with over 40 SKUs.

Detail is key. Aligning with Huel customer profiles and their influencer marketing strategy, the t-shirt range resulted in a finished product that is created with pinpoint accuracy throughout production, that added value to the brand as a giveaway with purchase. Creating a quality, functional product that Huel brand advocates find as desirable and they are wearable.

Bespoke high specification material

Working to strict technical specifications for every aspect of the garment, including better retention of shape after washes so as not to ruin integrity of product and millimetre sizing perfection, Samurai crafted a quality t-shirt equal to the high standard of the Huel products.

The fabric was pivotal to the function, comfort and lifespan of the t-shirt. Samurai produced an innovative, responsibly sourced fabric unique to the Huel brand, using more raw fibre and a longer weave time to create a material with stretch and quality to suit the performance nature of the brand. The quality high GSM fabric underwent rigorous testing processes to check fabric weight and audit material breakdown to ensure each finished product is as quality as the last.


By creating a bespoke grey marl material using a specialist manufacturing process, Samurai went above and beyond in order to closely colour match other garments in the existing clothing collection to adhere with Huel brand guidelines and for brand consistency.

Huel Custom Branded Merchandise Range

Long lasting branding application

Due to the performance nature of the fabric and brand’s focus on quality, Samurai needed to apply the branding using an application that stretches with the garment and lasts wash after wash without cracking. We used a plastisol printing process to ensure hard-wearing plasticised texture for robust printing, long lasting branding, provide high-impact colour opacity and sharp graphic detail.

In order to give the t-shirt a more premium feel and achieve a completely bespoke product, we used the same printing process for neck labelling to remove the need for an uncomfortable generic woven label and add value to the branding.

Ethical and sustainable apparel production methods

As a business that works within global supply chains, it is our top priority to ensure that the ethical foundations of our business, and those of our clients are never compromised. It was paramount to the Huel brand values that their custom branded products were manufactured sustainably and ethically.

Ethical apparel production methods

Samurai’s specialist fully certified factory not only has a clear ethical, sustainability, environmental policy, their high production standards ensure a consistent premium finish throughout the manufacturing volumes. We commissioned factory visits, carried out by an independent third-party service, at specific points during the production process to quality check and audit for ethical and sustainable processes.


Eco friendly, vegan bespoke product packaging

The whole package. In line with the brand values and ethos, Huel required a unique, high-impact ecological and vegan packaging solution for delivery of the t-shirts to the customer.

Samurai produced a sustainably sourced, eco-friendly manila envelope, in a custom shape and size to perfectly accommodate the Huel t-shirt range. We incorporated an innovative vegan glue for the flap seal to remove impact to animals, matching the brand ethos.

The final envelope consisted of a full custom printed design indicating product style (size, design, model) with barcode for internally shipping in the US. A secondary label solution was insufficient and would not be accepted, so as an aspect of production and the logistics we integrated the barcode for each individual SKU into the design of the envelope print, creating a functional and attractive product packaging. With a US based office and distribution centre, we have the expertise and knowledge to understand regulations in shipping product across the USA.

Sustainable vegan packaging solution (1) (1)

Worldwide distribution capability

Our global logistics ability to distribute the Huel t-shirts to fulfilment centres in the East, West and Mid Coast in the USA for American distribution, and in the UK for European distribution. We have the experience, knowledge and capability to manage the entire delivery and clearance processes across the world.

Our specialist team of logistics experts and innovative Account Managers liaised with the Huel operational team for ongoing supply to locations with full production project plan to continue our ongoing relationship and add value to their brand.


We have been using Samurai for many years now, not only to provide clothing for our clients, but also to provide a variety of uniform for our staff. Our account manager is superb and is able to provide us with advice and suggestions regarding our orders – whether this is a variety of quotes, an option to try a different style or thickness of clothing, or even sending through a sample item, he is always able to help.  In addition to this, all communications are dealt with in a timely manner. Delivery of items is on time, if not early, and in suitable packaging. Thanks to Samurai – you have made our ordering of products a smooth, easy process!

Rachael, Operations Team, Camps International Ltd

I have just returned from annual leave to find the USBs… you are quite right, they are superb. Very pleased with them and had lots of people trying to pinch them already. Again thank you for your service and for making it all very easy. No doubt we will be in touch for further products in the future.

Elaine, Executive Assistant, Soreen

Samurai have supplied and manufactured product on our behalf for over 4 years. They are experts in understanding manufacturing techniques, unique innovation and budget requirements across many product categories. We have used them for generic supply from moulded rubber bar runners to complicated, fully bespoke bottle openers and POS. The brands that we work with require the best suppliers globally and Samurai are a testament to the delivery of these brands quality POS trade products. With tight sample deadlines and budget requirement, Samurai offer the service levels of the highest quality and we look forward to a continued supply relationship.

Rihards, Proprocure

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